Extreme Imagination Conference

Where art and science meet, creativity thrives. Discover extreme imagination.

Extreme Imagination Event
Meeting other people with aphantasia and realising that among them were artists, writers, journalists, scientists, and so many brilliant people, who are the same as me, unable to visualise yet they had achieved great things. The sense of community and sharing similar experiences made me feel I was not alone.
Mónica Aguado

For people across the imagination spectrum

People with Aphantasia, Hyperphantasia, and everyone in-between, who are curious enough to explore the extremes and discover how our unique imaginative experiences shape the world we perceive and make us who we are
Extreme Imagination Conference
Science of Imagery

We invite scientists and researchers from across the globe to engage in lively discussions, share their latest discoveries and draw connections from across disciplines of imagination science. 

Extreme Imagination Conference
Imagery and Creativity

Discover the extremes, hyperphantasia and aphantasia, and how these invisible differences in our imaginative experiences shape our creative processes differently.  

Extreme Imagination Conference
Imagery and Well-being

Imagery has broad implications on our life, work and well-being. Explore the impacts of imagery extremes on how we think, learn, create, dream, remember and so much more!

Keynote Speakers

World Leading Scientists, Creatives and More!

Dr. Adam Zeman

Zeman trained in Medicine at Oxford University Medical School, after a first degree in Philosophy and Psychology. He’s been a consultant neurologist in Edinburgh, from 1996, and has been Professor of Neurology at Exeter University Medical School since 2005. Zeman first coined the term ‘aphantasia‘ to describe the lack of a mind’s eye back in 2015. 

Prof Joel Pearson

Pearson is the founder and director of Future Minds Lab, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. Joel studies the mechanisms and application of mental imagery, amongst other things, using behavioural, human brain imaging and brain stimulation techniques. He is considered a world leading expert in mental imagery and aphantasia.

Tom Ebeyer

Tom is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Aphantasia Network. Tom’s unique vision is helping shape the global conversation about the power of blind imagination. Tom was among the first 21 reported cases of “congenital aphantasia” mentioned in Zeman’s original 2015 paper. His story has been featured in the New York Times, the CBC and BBC Radio.

More speakers will be announced soon!

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  • Proceeds donated to Aphantasia Research
    To directly support research around imagery and its extremes, a portion of the 2021 Extreme Imagination conference proceeds will be used to fund new imagery research projects.

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Extreme Imagination conference is an annual gathering of the world’s foremost thinkers, scientists and creatives challenging long-held beliefs about what it means to imagine and create.

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In efforts to make the content of this conference accessible to all, recordings of presentations will be made available following the event.

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